San Francisco Prank Artist Turns ‘Ghost Town’ Google Office into a Spirit Halloween Store

Facade of seasonal Halloween decor store Spirit Halloween at a shopping center in Dublin, California, August 23, 2018. (Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images).

Fall is in the air, kids are back in school, but many businesses in San Francisco still remain empty.

Google’s campus on Embarcadero is still largely unused, providing conceptual artist Danielle Baskin space to imagine what type of business would swoop in the vacant real estate.

Considering Halloween is around the corner, the answer was clear: Spirit Halloween. The costume store temporarily moves into vacant buildings and strip malls every year ahead of the holiday.

SF Gate reports that Baskin owns a commercial-size printer and put it to use by printing out a 10-foot replica of the Spirit Halloween logo. Along with the help of a few friends, “Baskin installed the banner over Google’s logo at the company’s San Francisco office. The group also put up official-looking construction signage and other Spirit Halloween ephemera, such as job flyers. It was largely done for a laugh, but the prank does have broader significance.”

“We thought we would be doing a lot of interaction with people who work in the area, but it is a ghost town here. Which is actually where Spirit Halloween comes in. It’s like the grim reaper of dying industries,” said Baskin.

Today we opened a Spirit Halloween at the vacant Google Headquarters.

— Danielle Baskin (@djbaskin) September 20, 2021

“It’s just a joke to point out all the empty space that sits here,” Baskin wrote. “It’s in a beautiful location too, this building overlooks the bridge and its such a beautiful area, but it’s totally unused. No one’s even in this courtyard, because I don’t think people feel welcome to hang out at Google headquarters.”

We’re actually a little confused where our inventory should go and the zone manager Steve is away at lunch. 🎃

— Danielle Baskin (@djbaskin) September 20, 2021

Thanks to this team for the smooth load-in! It’s going to be a great Halloween shopping season and I’m glad we’re putting this empty office to a better use. 📸 Adam, Beverly, Dana, Jeff, Susan, Dave, Dave, Chris, and Dave. (Not pictured: Dave & Steve)

— Danielle Baskin (@djbaskin) September 20, 2021

According to SF Gate, security eventually came to the building and removed the sign, and reported the incident but took no further action.




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