New “AC/DC: Breaking The Band” Doc Details Gritty Side of Fame

AC/DC in Concert at Aragon Ballroom in Chicago – October 19, 1979 (Photo by Paul Natkin/WireImage)

The new tell-all rock doc “AC/DC: Breaking The Band” is premiering this Sunday as part of ReelzFest which features some of the biggest music documentaries.

Available this weekend for those with Reelz via their cable provider, or streaming through Amazon Prime Video and Roku, this documentary details the 35-year history of one of the greatest rock bands ever.

The synopsis reads:

Brothers Malcolm and Angus Young are the heart and co-founders of Australian rock band AC/DC. The two were the youngest of eight siblings and grew up in a working-class family where rock and roll was the only life they ever knew. Both brothers had a relentless and take no prisoners attitude towards success and they shared the dream to get to the top and become guitar toting multi-millionaires. Their desire to conquer the world with their singular brand of heavy rock came before everything including family relationships and over 35 years many of those around them would be chewed up and spat out as AC/DC rose to world domination.

The documentary will premiere 9 p.m. ET / 6:00 p.m. PT following the Metallica documentary “Metallica: Breaking The Band.”




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