Fan Flawlessly Jams with Foo Fighters

Youtube, Brian Gittings.

Depending on who you ask, playing rhythm guitar for one of your favorite bands could either be a waking nightmare or a memory you treasure for the rest of your life. Well in one fan’s case it was certainly a dream as the rare fan guest feature went near flawlessly.

On August 5th at a show in Bonner Springs, Kansas, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl invited one lucky fan on stage to play along with them as they launched into “Monkey Wrench.” This is a common practice for the band, but this was the first time in two years that the band had done so. Even eliciting a 6-foot joke from Grohl as the fan trotted on stage.

Identifying as Lauren, Grohl checked if she knew the song or was nervous as she dawned his guitar. Lauren denied any stage fright and seemed raring to go. When the band kicked in, so did Lauren. Grohl was ecstatic and praised her skills frequently throughout the performance.

After Lauren got through the verse and chorus Grohl gave her a brief lesson and how to show out to the crowd and posed her in a seemingly uncomfortable, yet very rock n’ roll pose.

All in all, Lauren did a superb job and Grohl knew it.

Lucky for Foo Fighters fans the rhythm section of the band tends not to embellish too much when writing, making it a little less intimidating when Grohl does decide to grow wild hair.

Now, what we really want to see is a fan nail a live guest spot with Dragon Force or the like.




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