Deepfake or Digital Mastery? See Paul McCartney as a Young Man


Watch out for those deepfakes, ya’ll. They’re real. They’re really real. To some people, it’s the thing nightmares are made of. To others, it’s pretty damn cool! Is there a fine line between the dreaded deepfakes, and brilliant mastery of digital replication?

Have you ever wondered what a young Paul McCartney would look and act like, if he were – well – young, in today’s world? And maybe best friends with ultra-modern-hip-writer-producer-musician-artist Beck? Well no need to wonder anymore, cuz Hyberreal Digital has created this scenario. And it’s trippy. They did so by way of a Beck music video.

The song, called “Find My Way,” was originally written by Paul McCartney for his McCartney III album. But it also appears on a new album called McCartney III Imaginedwhich consists of songs from McCartney III, but performed and transformed by other artists. It’s pretty great. Check out both versions of the song and enjoy!

Or check out the full story from here.




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