Man Builds A Bass Out of 2,000 Legos

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With Legos you can build almost anything, that is the simple magic of this iconic toy. However, one artist took this thinking to the next level when he decided to build an entire functioning bass guitar out of them.

While saying the bass is built out of Legos is more of a technicality, it’s still an impressive feat. The YouTube channel Burls Art is responsible for this amazing build where he super-glued several sheets of stylized Lego bricks together around a wooden core. He then made a custom fretboard out of wood and epoxy resin. The font of the body and headstock are also covered in epoxy and sanded down for a nice glossy finish.

Watching the 14-minute edit of what only could have taken hours and hours was both therapeutic and amazing. Burls himself seemed quite satisfied with the result but admitted it is more of an art project than anything.

“I build this guitar as an artistic piece more than I did for the tone of the instrument, ” Burls said after he had finished building the bass. “I’m not going to say this thing sounds great, but it makes noise when you plug it into an amp, so I’m cool with it.”

Burls said while the wooden core allows for needed strength against the supremely strong tension of a bass string, the low profile piezo pickups in the bridge and other design feature compromise its overall tone.

Regardless of all that, the darn thing still plays so we count that as a win over here as well!

Burls has made guitars out of everything from Jawbreakers, to salt, and we can’t wait to see what he does next!




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