New Mexico Mayoral Campaign Interrupted by the ‘Dongcopter’

Last week during a campaign event a rouge dildo drone interrupted a speech by Albuquerque Sheriff Manuel Gonzales III and was subsequently swatted down.

Sheriff Gonzales has his supporters and detractors as he runs for Mayoral office of New Mexico‘s most populated city, however his detractors apparently the type of people to fly a large rainbow sex toy in defiance.

In a video posted by the supposed perpetrator, “Dongcopter505” joked that the sheriff “got some serious D last night,” though Gonzales was not amused.

Gonzales is seen trying to ignore the drone in the video when the owner of the event space comes into frame to swat down the flying phallus. A woman in the crowd reportedly observed, “Is that a dong on a drone?”

Yes, yes it is.

A 24-year-old Kaelan Ashby Dreyer went to retrieve the drone and in a scuffle at the front of the stage resulted in Dreyer striking the hands of the sheriff. Dreyer says it was unintentional, but was charged for a battery and resisting arrest.

The twitter account seemingly responsible for the prank released a statement saying that Dreyer is not associated with them and even are promoting a gofundme for his legal bills associated with the incident. Though, the gofundme links Dreyer as friends with the unknown drone pilot.

“When a friend asked Kaelan to join him at the Manny Gonzalez rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Kaelan didn’t even expect to participate in a peaceful protest. Kaelan’s friend brought an expensive drone with a rainbow colored, paper-stuffed, sock with googly eyes attached to it,” the gofundme page read. “This friend planned to use the drone to taunt Sheriff Manny during pride month because Sheriff Manny is a devout supporter of Donald Trump, a president infamous for his opposition to LGBTQ+ rights.

The statement continues. “When someone pulled down the expensive drone, Kaelan ran to pick it up and take it back to safety. Unfortunately, an unknown rally attendee violently grabbed Kaelan while he attempted to retrieve the drone.”

“Kaelan has autism, and when this stranger violently grabbed him, he had an unintentional reaction and threw a punch in self-defense without thinking. The punch barely grazed Sheriff Manny’s hands.”

Dreyer was accused by Gonzales to be working for his opposition and current Albuquerque Mayor, Tim Keller. Dreyer responded with a comment to the Albuquerque Journal saying that he resents being associated with Gonzales’ political opponent and being called a “radical leftist.” Dreyer self identifies as libertarian and says he doesn’t like Keller either.

We thought 2020 was weird, but 2021 already has flying sex toys being used for political protest so who knows what the rest of the year will bring.





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