Best Cover of “Hunger Strike” Ever? Daughtry + Lajon Witherspoon from Sevendust

If you’re a person who appreciates beautiful, soulful voices, well first of all, you’re in good company. And second, you’re in for a treat.

Chasta is loving this one, you know that’s the truth! Daughtry and Lajon Witherspoon from Sevendust have decided to cover one of the most beloved rock ‘n’ roll duets in history: “Hunger Strike” by Temple of the Dog.

If you’re a fan of grunge, then you know this song well, and you’re aware that it’s a duet featuring Chris Cornell from Soundgarden and Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam. In the latest version, Daughtry is singing the Cornell vocals, while Witherspoon is singing the Vedder vocals, and it’s pretty awesome.

“Chris Cornell is one of the defining voices that grabbed me by the heartstrings and made me want to be a rock singer,” Daughtry said. “‘Hunger Strike’ is one of, if not the most iconic rock duets of our generation. It’s the whole ’90s wrapped up in one song! Doing this song with Lajon, one of my favorite humans I’ve had the pleasure of calling friend and brother means the world to me!”

Check out the full videos below.



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