Meerkats, Feminism, and Smoking with the Dalai Lama: Greta Van Fleet Answers the Internet’s Most Burning Questions

Danny Wagner, Jake Kiszka, Josh Kiszka and Sam Kiszka of Greta Van Fleet at Spotlight: Greta Van Fleet at The GRAMMY Museum on September 5, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rebecca Sapp/WireImage)

If you’re a Greta Van Fleet fan thank you’ll be happy to know that they recently took on the internet’s most burning, and weirdest, questions while promoting their new album “The Battle at Garden’s Gate.” In an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit the band revealed everything from their dream blunt rotation (which not surprisingly involves the Dalai Lama) to what they think it’s like to be a meerkat.

Greta Van Fleet first kicked in the door to our hearts back in 2017 during their Aftershock performance, but have enjoyed a place there ever since with each successive performance and music release. And while we were excited to listen to the new album, peeling back the curtain slightly with their recent AMA was just the cherry on top.

The band is fronted by Josh Kiszka‘s and backed by brothers Jake Kiszka on guitar, Sam Kiszka on the bass, and friend Danny Wagner on the drums.

We’ve pulled our favorite questions and answers below from their time answering fan questions.


Q: What was your favourite song to record on the new album?

A: Each is a different recording experience. Especially when considering when and where the songs were written. However, a stand out track is Age of Machine. Essentially, we laid the base track, then we got particularly experimental, exploring every possibility. Tears of Rain, Caravel, and Light My Love were a joy to create as well. The Barbarians…we were far too inebriated to recall.


Q: Josh, what needs more care: the hair or the mustache?

A: Hair – I’m on the Diana Ross regiment.


Q: Why does Josh never wear shoes

A:Josh and Sam like to feel the vibration of the stage beneath their feet. It allows for more physical traction and metaphysical traction.


Q: Frequently when songs are written about women, they’re sexist, and women are painted as evil, angry, hysterical, obsessive, liars, unfaithful, etc., etc. Your music is a refreshing contrast to these stereotypes. How do women inspire you in your work and in general?

A:Women make the world go ’round. One thing I don’t like, is making general statements about women. The thing that men don’t understand is that you are not automatically a certain way because you’re a woman, and that is certainly not fair. In our society, women have to work harder to be respected because of the structure of our society. We should all celebrate strong independent women!


Q: do you guys have any guilty pleasure songs?

A:Royals by Lorde for Sam and Laid by James for Josh

Q: [what’s it like to work with you guys in the studio]

A:We’re all extremely difficult to work with, except Daniel. He’s the only reasonable person in the band.


Q: What are your go to snacks in the studio?



Q: Dream blunt rotation?

A: Receiving from Norman Mailer and passing it to his holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, while Peter Sellers laughs like a mid-century bicycle horn.


Q: Hey, Josh and Sam! What’s your best childhood memory?

A:When we wandered into the woods to make a movie but found aliens. Or they found us?


Q: You’re at a bar and it’s your day off. What drink do you order first?

A:If it’s hot out, I’m not going for a local Pilsner. In that case, I would rip a Moscow Mule. -Sam

A Salty Dog or a Tequila Blanco Soda with Lime, lots of ice. I don’t give a fuck what time of year it is. -Josh


Q: What would you do if you woke up one morning and Jake was not a human but a meerkat?

A: Scurry, sniff, flinch. Act big and scary, back up slowly.


Q: hey boys, what a non music related hobby your really enjoy?

A:Film, painting, reading, and architecture for Josh. Collecting and sporting vintage designer outfits for Sam.


Q: Pancakes or waffles?



Q: Josh, can you yodel? If so, please do!!



Q: What outfits have been your respective favorites during this new era?

The white jumpsuit from Colbert for Josh. The Alexander McQueen from Kimmel for Sam.


Q: If you have to choose one album to listen for the of rest of your life which one would it be?

A: All Things Must Pass for Josh. Tea For The Tillerman for Sam.


Q: Hi guys!!! Sam, why are you the Clav King? Where did the nickname come from?

A:Its origin is from the Clavinet’s rhythmic nature. I earned the title from an ayahuasca journey from the Keez tribe in Appalachia.


Q: How did you decide the order of the songs on the new record? Did you have all the songs finished before deciding an order, or was the order of the album somehow influencial to the writing/recording process?

A:We don’t really consider track listing sequence until after all the songs are written.


Q: If Greta Van Fleet could do the soundtrack for a movie that already exists, which one would it be?

A:The Lost City of Z.


Q: Opinions on Harry Styles?

A:Love our boy Harry. He’s got Style.




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