Nancy Wilson Shares Eddie Van Halen Tribute “4 Edward”

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4 Edward” is a new track written by Nancy Wilson from Heart that will be released on her first solo album May 7th. The song is an Eddie Van Halen tribute, and you can give it a listen below. It feels like guitar soup for the soul, like an early morning acoustic warm-up out by the lake in the middle of nowhere. It has a blues/rock Zeppelin feel to it, rightly so, as Heart was never a band to shy away from a Zeppelin cover. It’s short, but sweet.

“Being off the road last year from touring with Heart, and at home with my good guitars and amps out, I felt like I was once again able to reconnect with my pre-Heart self, my college-girl self, creating poetic, intimate and romantic songs, which pretty much is what I first brought in to Heart,” Nancy says. The album has a few covers on it as well, including “The Boxer” by Simon & Garfunkel and “Daughter” by Pearl Jam. We can’t wait to hear the rest!




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