Neighborhood Drama: Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour at Ends With Neighbors Over Cherry Tree

Photo via Unsplash, @sgodfrey

Rock stars: they’re just like us, right? Well, yes and no. Do normal people have 15-bedroom mansions? Not so much. But do normal people argue with their neighbors? Unfortunately, yes they do.

The current story is about Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, who owns a seafront mansion in Brighton. Some of his neighbors dislike the mansion, saying it’s made an “oppressive sense of enclosure” on the street. His neighbors also claim that the one lone cherry tree on the block is a “massive relief from the overdevelopment of the area and given people a sense of escape.” Which brings us to the problem. The people who own the cherry tree want to have it removed, because it attracts too many birds and animals, and causes a lot of mess and cleanup. Some neighbors agree. David Gilmour does not. Welcome to neighborhood hell.

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