Do You Like Shrimp Tails in Your Cereal?

Photo via Adobe Stock. 

Earlier this week, Jensen Karp (yes Karp, not Carp, although we really wish it was Carp for comedy in relation to this fishy story), woke up and planned to have a normal day. He grabbed a bowl from the kitchen cabinet and picked up a box of  Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal from the pantry. He got some milk from the fridge. He opened the cereal box and bag. And then, he noticed what appeared to look like sugar-coated shrimp tails inside the bag with the cereal. WTF?

He Tweeted Cinnamon Toast Crunch a picture of his findings, and they responded by saying it must be an “accumulation of the cinnamon sugar.”

Karp continued to inspect the rest of the cereal and found what appeared to be more shrimp tails, possible shrimp shells, and a string. WTF? Karp’s wife checked the other box of cereal they had purchased from Costco, as it was part of a two-pack, and she found the bag was not only taped up but had something that looked like dental floss inside. WTF?

This mysterious and fishy story is on-going, but you can read the initial details here.




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