Hear Tom Petty’s Isolated Vocals For “I Need To Know”

YouTube, @Acapella World.

We like listening to isolated vocals here at the Bone. Some rock stars are known for being smooth vocalists, with voices like butter. Stevie Nicks. Freddie Mercury. Robert Plant. But we don’t necessarily think of Tom Petty in this way, since his legend is more about the entire package: guitarist, front-man, song-writer, and also a vocalist. But when we listen to his isolated vocals, it truly does remind us of how great a singer he actually was. Check out the isolated vocals from the best thing to come out of Florida, Tom Petty, singing “I Need to Know.”

Petty says about “I Need to Know,” “Alienation! (laughs). Looking back, my thoughts from this period were very blunt, just little bursts of adrenalin. At the time, we were getting described as ‘urgent.’ I must have felt that way. But to me, it wasn’t obvious. You don’t write the song and say, ‘That’s urgent.’ We just wanted to make rock and roll records and ones that didn’t embarrass us.”

He added, “The song was actually inspired by Wilson Pickett’s ‘Land of a Thousand Dances.’ It’s almost the same riff, but with a different beat. I wanted a track like Wilson Pickett. Of course, it came out sounding nothing like Wilson Pickett, but it’s a pretty good song.”

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