Brian Johnson Joined AC/DC Thanks to A Hoover Vacuum Commercial

YouTube, @Brian Johnson TV.

It all started with a mysterious phone call from a lady with a German accent. She wouldn’t reveal her name. But she was recruiting Brian Johnson to come audition in London to be the singer of a band. But she wouldn’t say who the band was. She gave him a hint, which was an obvious hint, and Brian guessed correctly. But he declined and thought he was past his prime at the age of 32. Plus, the audition would’ve been an expensive trip for him. An hour later Brian got another phone call, this time from a guy asking him to come by a studio in London to record a commercial for Hoover Vacuums.

So Brian accepted as it was a paid gig, and called the German lady back to say he would be there for the audition! So the stars aligned, and the rest is history. Luckily we all know how this fairy tale story ends! All hail AC/DC. Read the full story from here.





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