FODA (Fear Of Dating Again) is a New Reality for Some

By MQ-Illustrations via Adobe. 

FODA stands for Fear Of Dating Again. Yup, it’s a thing. Chalk it up to yet another weird after-effect caused by the pandemic! If you’re in a relationship and have been for a while, you may not understand this concept. If you are a person who has never really had anxiety in your life, well 1) congratulations, and 2) you may have started feeling some anxiety over the past year. Life has changed so drastically due to the pandemic, and the changes stretch far and wide. It’s affected everything from how you eat your meals, to how you shop, how you work, how you interact with friends, and how you date (or don’t date).

Changes in the dating landscape bring up questions like, “Is the person I want to date vaccinated?” “Have they been taking the pandemic and safety precautions seriously?” “Where will we go safely on our first date?” “What has their dating lifestyle looked like recently?”  Check out the full article and explanation from Mashable here, to get tips and info about how to jump back into the dating world, and how to ease dating anxiety if you have any. Did you know Tinder has also partnered with Everley to give away free mail-in Covid-19 tests so that you can socially distant date. Or, just sit on your couch and hope the next delivery person is single, available, and interested.




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