Here’s the Bluegrass Version of Chop Suey You Never Asked For

Youtube,  There I Ruined It

Late last year System of a Down crossed the impressive milestone of becoming the first Metal band to have their song, “Chop Suey,” reach 1 billion views on youtube. Now they have reached another milestone: going full-on bluegrass!

It’s inevitable when you have a song this popular that someone with remix, remaster, and parody you work, though a bluegrass version of Chop Suey is a parody that we’re not sure the world was ready for.

The youtube channel There I Ruined It is responsible for this abomination and many others, including a swing band version of Come As You Are by Nirvana and a Dixieland rendition of Queen’s We Will Rock You.

While our souls slightly hurt from having heard all three of these, we’re also quite amused by the ridiculousness and dedication of these parodies.

Youtube giveth and Youtube taketh away.





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