3 Ways You Can Help Save Bay Area Venues

San Francisco’s beloved music venues have been hemorrhaging cash for a year now – over 90% revenue loss, 94% of staff laid off, and small venues spend at minimum $1,000 per day just to stay closed. Venues have racked up mountains of debt, and many are on the edge of closing. In response to the pandemic, venues organized and created the Independent Venue Alliance (IVA) and the SF Venue Coalition (SFVC). These groups began advocating relentlessly at City Hall and in January, the Board of Supervisors, led by Sup. Haney, created the SF Music and Entertainment Venue Recovery Fund, into which Mayor Breed allocated $3m. While this was a great start, it is a long way from what venues will need to hang on and recover. Independent venues are cornerstones of their communities, not just as gathering places for people from all walks of life, but also as economic drivers in their neighborhoods. For every $1 spent on a ticket to an independent venue, an additional $12 are spent in the local economy on things like food, travel, lodging and child care. So now we are looking to all of you, music lovers, live show enthusiasts, culture aficionados, and party people alike to help save SF venues.

If you want to help support our endangered independent venues, here are three ways to do so:

1. Email Your Supervisor
Take 5 minutes to lift your voice for the arts and send an automated letter to your elected representatives and urge them to support recovery funding for our industry and a significant investment over the next four years. Click here for helpful instructions, or see individual email addresses below! 

District 1 – Connie.Chan@sfgov.org
District 2 – Catherine.Stefani@sfgov.org
District 3 – Aaron.Peskin@sfgov.org
District 4 – Gordon.Mar@sfgov.org
District 5 – Dean.Preston@sfgov.org
District 6 – Matt.Haney@sfgov.org
District 7 – MelgarStaff@sfgov.org
District 8 – MandelmanStaff@sfgov.org
District 9 – Hillary.Ronen@sfgov.org
District 10 – Shamann.Walton@sfgov.org
District 11 – Ahsha.Safai@sfgov.org

Not sure what District you’re in? Click here and type in your address.

Sample Email:

Dear Sup. _____,
SF’s live entertainment venues are in trouble. They’ve lost over 90% of revenue, laid off 94% of staff, and taken on mountains of debt just to stay closed. Please help them. The SF Music & Entertainment Venue Recovery Fund is a great start, but $1.5m isn’t nearly enough to save our venues. With the passing of the recent stimulus bill in Congress and over $600m going to SF, I’m writing to ask you to earmark $10m of that (or 1.67%) to save our cultural institutions.

I don’t want to live in a City with no music.
Please help our venues make it through.

Thank you,
(Your Name)

2. Spread The Word

If you know people who work for big companies based in San Francisco, or if you know folks who are in a position to make substantial donations, please talk to them about this Fund.

You can also post to socials, as that’s a huge help too. Here is an example of what you could post to social media:

Independent venues are in trouble. 90% revenue loss. 94% staff laid off. Over $1,000/day just to stay closed.If you love live music, comedy, drag and more, please donate to the SF Venue Recovery Fund #SaveSFStages (https://sfosb.org/venuefund)

3. Donate Money

So far we’ve raised $1.5m of the $10m we need to save San Francisco stages. If you’re in a position to make a contribution, you can do so! Click here to donate!

Whatever you can do is very much appreciated! Thank you for your support in helping us save local venues!



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