Steel Panther Covers Van Halen’s “Beautiful Girls” and “D.O.A.”

YouTube, @Steel Panther. 

We love Steel Panther, how about you? They’re fun, loud, wild, and talented. And they wear spandex. And they love Van Halen, just like us. And some of the guys in Steel Panther used to be in a Van Halen Tribute Band, so when they cover Van Halen, it’s extra fun. Check out covers of “Beautiful Girls” and “D.O.A.” from Van Halen II:

Russ “Satchel” Parrish (Steel Panther guitarist) was reminiscing about the great Eddie Van Halen and said:

“It’s so weird, because I never even talked to Eddie, I never met him one time, but he’s been such a huge part of my life, from the beginning of me playing music. Because he wasn’t just a great guitar player either. Throughout my guitar playing and my music, my learning of music, I realized that one of the reasons why I always put on Van Halen instead of Yngwie Malmsteen…Yngwie is a great guitar player, but Eddie wasn’t just a great guitar player and a great lead guitar player, he was also a great songwriter and a great musician. You can listen to any Van Halen songs — he cared about all the parts and all the rhythms.”

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