Metallica Got Copyright-Censored During Their Own Twitch Livestream

YouTube, @ghecco’s twitch clips.

Over the weekend, Metallica made a special live stream appearance on Twitch – only to have the audio pulled for copyright reasons. Metallica performed “For Whom The Bell Tolls” for the online gaming convention Blizzcon. But Twitch pulled the audio and replaced it with generic royalty-free music – perhaps worried that Metallica might sue over their own live stream.

While it might seem ridiculous, many were quick to point out that Metallica sued Napster back in 2000 – and Twitch has recently been cracking down on unlicensed music streams on its platform. Did you use Napster back in the day? And for kicks, here’s the full uncensored version of the performance:

Youtube, @Met Inc..




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