Release Date for Ronnie James Dio Autobiography

You may have heard about Ronnie James Dio‘s autobiography, Rainbow in the Dark, and how he was writing it before he passed away from stomach cancer in 2010. Insiders say the book was going into great detail about how he started playing music and shows, the work he did with Ritchie Blackmore, how he joined Black Sabbath, the drug problems that caused the breakup, the giant personalities within each band he worked with, and his ties to the legendary symbol for heavy metal: the Devil Horns. As a member of Sabbath, Dio, Elf, Rainbow, and Heaven & Hell, Dio has and always will remain an integral part of heavy metal’s history.

The latest news? We now know the release date – July 27ty, 2021 – and also get a glimpse of the cover. After Dio’s death, the task of finishing the book was taken on by long-time friend and writer Mick Wall. Get the full story here from




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