Adam Sandler Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Happy Gilmore in the Best Way Possible

Though it might be hard to say there’s been an Adam Sandler that we’ve fallen in love with in recent years, it doesn’t mean the classics are any less good. One of those classics, Happy Gilmore, turns 25 today and in typical Sandler fashion, he decided to celebrate in the goofiest way possible.

To hack the living hell out of a ball, Happy style.

Shooter McGavin, this is for you,” Sandler said winding up for the classic swing.

“I’m not lying to you, that is smashed. That went pretty well. You’re dead Shooter, hehe,” Sander said mocking the camera

Of course, McGavin had to reply to such an insult from his golfing rival.

Dawning his infamous short-game Shooter sunk a put into a pint glass in his living room, though he did invite “Gilmore” to meet him at the green later that night.

Christopher McDonald, who played McGavin, broke character only briefly to celebrate the milestone and to thank Sandler.

Of course, the impromptu virtual reunion wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from Ben Stiller, the master of Sandler cameos, who played the evil eldercare staffer keeping Happy’s grandma on her toes.

“That’s a beautiful swing Mr. Gilmore. Congrats on your anniversary, and being such a loving grandson,” Stiller joked with Sander. “So happy to be a small part of taking good care of her during her ‘golden years.'”




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