Wolfgang Van Halen Drops New Single Ahead of Full Length

Youtube, Mammoth WVH

Eddie Van Halen‘s son Wolfgang, now going under the musical moniker Mammoth WVH, has just released his second track ahead of his debut album set to release in June.

The single, “You’re to Blame,” features some pretty badass artwork showing a giant crab unleashing his destructive tendencies on an unwitting parking lot. The owner of the red sports car clenched in its claw stands befuddled in the foreground.

Both his new single and his first track, “Distance” will make an appearance on the upcoming full length dropping over the summer. Here’s the full track listing:

01. Mr. Ed
02. Horribly Right
03. Epiphany
04. Don’t Back Down
05. Resolve
06. You’ll Be the One
07. Mammoth
08. Circles
09. The Big Picture
10. Think It Over
11. You’re to Blame
12. Feel
13. Stone
14. Distance (Bonus Track)

Though the group has yet to perform live, which is reasonable in the era of COVID, they are set to make the rounds of the late night scene when the album drops on June 11th. We’ll be watching.

As a bonus here’s a video of Wolfgang playing his dad’s iconic riff from “Eruption.”




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