George Kittle Gets Zoombombed by His Idol Stone Cold Steve Austin


During his Tuesday-night interview on ESPN’s First take with Stephen A. Smith, George Kittle was recounting the San Francisco 49ers injury-laden season and what it means for them when they get healthy. However, this insightful chat about the Niners future was about to go off the rails when Stone Cold Steve Austin would join the party.

“I know you’re a huge wrestling fan,” started hosts Molly Qerim, setting up the surprise. “Why is Stone Cold Steve Austin one of your favorites?”

As Kittle was starting to delve into the intricacies of that answer, none other than Stone Cold himself joined the video call. They say never meet you heroes, but I think Kittle would disagree here.

Immediately the Niners tight end lit up and recoiled at being confronted with one of his wrestling idols.

“Are you kidding me right now!? Whoooo hoooo!” Kittle exploded.

The pair seemed to have mutual admiration for each other. Stone Cold, who attended University of North Texas on a full-ride football scholarship, started to describe his own career in football, which he said should have put in him Kittle’s shoes as a tight end. Kittle nodded eagerly upon hearing his hero wanted to play his very own position.

“I always felt I should’ve been a damn right end. I got some hands-on me, I can catch anything. I think I can catch beers better than a football, but nonetheless man. I’m not on your level, but damn close,” said Stone Cold.

Kittle was happy to oblige the legend’s request to run some plays and drink beers with him, as long as Stone Cold teaches him how to drive a beer truck.

We think that’s a fair trade. Also, someone needs to video that hangout for us.




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