Ever Seen a Ghost? Hop in a Tesla and Let the Ghost Hunting Begin

We know it’s not Halloween yet. In fact, we aren’t even out of January yet. But this story was too spooky not to share. And you know resident spooky-fan Chasta is all into it! So the story goes like this: there have been some reports that Tesla’s autopilot program shows ghosts on the vehicle’s screen, when driving on cemetery grounds. A man originally posted about it on Twitter, saying that an “invisible human” was detected, and “excuse me but wtf @elonmusk?” And now people have been posting videos all over TikTok, sharing their ghost adventures for the world to see. Some say autopilot would not allow the car to continue driving, because there was a person in front, blocking the car. But no person was visible. So if ya have a Tesla, check it out.




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