Ozzy Osbourne Says “I Don’t Even Consider Myself as Heavy Metal”

Did Ozzy Osbourne invent heavy metal? He doesn’t think so. Did he invent punk? We’ll Osbourne thinks that’s up for discussion.

Ozzy Osbourne recently talked to Britain’s GQ magazine, who honored him with the Lifetime Achievement award for their annual Man of the Year awards, about his upbringing, his taste in music, and that time he bit the head off a bat. Though his taste in music and what genre he considers Black Sabbath turns out to be an interesting tale. Osbourne says “But I don’t even consider myself as heavy metal. I did a few heavy things but I’ve done melodic things too, ballady things.”

The Prince Of Darkness also shared that “Punk was a spinoff of Sabbath. It was anti-Establishment. The only band of them I liked was the Sex Pistols; that one album was great, it captured something. But Johnny Lydon, whatever his name is, wants to stop talking and make some fucking music.”

You can check out the feature in British GQ:




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