Even Keith Richards’ Life has been Affected by COVID-19

ROSKILDE, DENMARK – JULY 03: Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones headlines the Roskilde Festival 2014 on July 3, 2014 in Roskilde, Denmark. (Photo by Rob Ball/Redferns via Getty Images).

Everyone’s lives have been changed by COVID-19 in some way, and Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones is no different. Apparently, he’s taken up gardening, as the pandemic has caused closures, lockdowns, and stay-at-home orders, putting a damper on tour plans and most plans in general. Check out the full story about Keith and his plants here.

We wonder what other everyday activities rock stars have started doing, you know, to pass the time. Do we think Mick Jagger takes out the garbage? Or does Robert Plant play cards? Or maybe Eddie Vedder cleans the gutters. Does Flea knit? Would Stevie Nicks wash her car? Or maybe Dave Grohl cooks the meals for his family? Could Ringo Starr be learning a new language, or teaching himself to play the piano? We think it would be great to know who is doing what, and how often. If you hear of any rock stars doing ordinary things, Tweet The Bone and let us know, please.




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