KISS Super Fan Recreates Album Cover With 4,000 LEGOS

What could you build with 4,000 LEGOs? Maybe planet earth, or an entire city, or a massive stadium, or the Golden Gate Bridge? Or maybe a KISS album. So yeah, someone’s done a few of those already, and read on to hear about the KISS album!

KISS fan Eli Echevarria, who pre-pandemic was playing the role of John Lennon in a Beatles Tribute group, decided he wanted to build a LEGO mosaic of KISS’s Dynasty album cover with his son. He says it took between 8-10 hours total, and over 4,000 individual LEGOs to create. Echevarria says, “It’s a passion for my son and I. We’re very familiar with LEGO. Any time we would go to a LEGO exhibit or anything outside the house that was LEGO-related, we always saw LEGO mosaics, and we’d say, ‘It would be cool to do one someday.”

He’s been a fan of KISS since 1976 when he watched the band on the Paul Lynde Halloween special. He’s seen them in concert more than 50 times, so the subject choice was obvious for him. Click here to read the full story and check of pictures.



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