Queen’s Freddie Mercury Once Hired a Limo to Take Gary Numan a Big Mac

5th June 1982: Freddie Mercury (1946 – 1991), lead singer of 70s hard rock quartet Queen, in concert in Milton Keynes. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images).

Synth-rock legend Gary Numan recently released an autobiography and gave us the dirt we’ve all been wanting about the band Queen: they’re just as nice as you’d imagine. Numan talked about dining out with Queen at a sushi restaurant in Tokyo. Not having a taste for sushi, Numan told Freddie Mercury that he would rather have McDonald’s after the group’s dinner was over. Numan went on to reveal that Mercury ordered a limo to deliver a Big Mac just so the “Cars” singer would eat! Gary Numan’s new autobiography (R)evolution: The Autobiography is out now.




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