Kyle Shanahan Says He Was Kicked Out of Postgame Hang With His Dad and Bill Belichick

San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan checks in with Lamont & Tonelli from the Santa Clara ahead of Week 6’s game against the New England Patriots. Shanahan shared a funny story about the first time he met Coach Bill Belichick, after his dad’s Broncos beat the Patriots in a playoff game.

“I remember after the game sitting in the locker room and my dad celebrating and Belichick just came over to talk ball with him,” Shanahan said. “You could see how cool he was. I got kicked out pretty fast and they just hung out.”

Tonelli: “Did your dad give you the boot?”

Shanahan: “Yeah definitely. He gave me the vibe. It was cool though, after the Super Bowl he reached out to me and we kind of developed a relationship after that.”

Listen to the full interview below:




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