One Of A Kind Van Halen Patent Going Up For Auction

Left: Eddie Van Halen plays his custom Kramer Frankenstrat guitar at Cobo Arena during Van Halen’s “1984 Tour” on April 5, 1984, in Detroit, Michigan, Right: Hand drawing of the MUSICAL INSTRUMENT SUPPORT in a 1987 patent 

(Photo by Ross Marino/Getty)

The original paperwork for a patent filed by Eddie Van Halen in 1987 will soon go up for auction again for the first time in several decades.

After the death of the guitar virtuoso early this month, memorabilia collector Eric Kuck says he will be auctioning the original patent, signed by Eddie himself, at a Florida auction starting October 15th. Originally paying $800 in the early 2000s, Kuck decided now was the time to relinquish the patent. Though he will be auctioning it off publicly Kuck told TMZ that his hope is that the patent will go to the Van Halen family.

The patent was submitted by Eddie himself and early wooden prototypes of the technology can be seen in photos as early as 1983. The device, named the Musical Instrument Support, is a foldable kickstand in which the guitarist can free up both hands to fretting the notes.

The patent states:

“The supporting device is constructed and arranged for supporting the musical instrument on the player to permit total freedom of the player’s hands to play the instrument in a completely new way, thus allowing the player to create new techniques and sounds previously unknown to any player. “

Famous for his insane guitar playing and especially for his tapping, a guitar technique that uses pressure from the fretted finger to create a note instead of the strumming hand, it is no surprise that Eddie would cook up something that would allow him unique access to his fretboard.

Kuck says the auction will end November 15th and that he will be donating a portion of the proceeds to the American Cancer Society and the Free Rider Fellowship Church in Plant City, Florida.




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