Lamont & Tonelli chat with Ike from Ike’s Sandwiches about the best deal in town – the Sexy $7

Lamont & Tonelli talk with Ike’s from Ike’s Love & Sandwiches. Calling all the way from Miami, from the first East Coast location, Ike shares how he has an empire of over 800 sandwiches (350 of which are vegetarian). Butt they are missing one, The Lamont or The MBC since Lamont only likes his sandwiches with meat, bun, and cheese.

Every Tuesday during the month of October, Ike’s offer the Sexy $7 – grab both the Doris Day and Dan Ashley sandwich for $7 when ordered through the app; that’s two sandwiches for only $7. And all this week, we have your chance to win a gift card to Ike’s Love & Sandwiches with Lamont & Tonelli.



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