David Crosby’s ‘Meh…’ Has Caused Outrage Amongst Eddie Van Halen’s Fans

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A comment that David Crosby penned when asked about the late Eddie Van Halen. A comment, that seemed honest and inconsequential to the author, has sparked a wave of outrage from fans and musicians alike.

When the legendary Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen passed away earlier this month from throat cancer at the age of 65, the rock world was shaken to its core. Dozens of iconic rockers from every generation took to the internet to say a last goodbye and praise him as a person and a musician. It was a loss felt deep in the community.

So when fellow Rock and Roll Hall of Famer David Crosby answered the question with such apathy it was no surprise people came to Van Halen’s defense.

I appreciate David Crosby too much for this to get in the way,” Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick started. “But a much better answer would have been: ‘I know he meant a lot to so many but his sound & style just weren’t my thing.’ Patti Smith doesn’t seem like she’s ever been much of a VH fan either, still she posted this.”

After Dee Snider of Twister Sister and many others started bashing Crosby, he set out to clarify his answer.

“Sorry ..just meant he does not move me much,” said Crosby who then followed up by saying he was no Jimi Hendrix.

“Hendrix changed the world of guitar. Nobody else really…look I get it…many of you loved Van Halen…and the one time I met he was nice…and he was talented…meh to me means I don’t care that much…and I don’t …doesn’t mean he wasn’t good, he was but not for me,” Crosby concluded.

With all the hate continuing to ferment Crosby would go even further to defend himself and walk back his comments Tuesday morning after he remembered that Eddie had just passed.

“Yes you Van Halen fans I did just toss off an answer that was not cool …the even more embarrassing truth is…I didn’t even remember he had just died or I would have kept my mouth shut….I do make mistakes …no offense intended”

Seems like a pretty big thing to forget, “Our House” is still good though.




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