The ‘South Park’ Pandemic Special Hits Home

Trey Parker and Matt Stone: the two guys who changed the way we watch cartoons forever by creating South Park. They’ve been doing it since 1997, and to their fan base, they’re the cartoon kings of current events and comedy. Who could forget some of their most famous episodes like “Marjorine,” “Make Love, Not Warcraft,” “You Have 0 Friends,” “Dances With Smurfs,” and “The Death of Eric Cartman,” to name a few. Well to no one’s surprise, the dynamic duo decided to write an episode touching on all the hot topics of 2020, and it’s turned out to be pretty good. The one-hour special talks about President Donald Trump, COVID-19 and the mask debate, wildfires, police brutality, Dr. Fauci, zoom meetings and home/virtual school, Black Lives Matter protests, voting, and more. Correct, some of these topics are not inherently funny, nor are they intended to be mocked. But nonetheless, they are discussed in a way that is relatable and humorous, and it seems we can all find some comfort in the tumultuous year it’s been. Check out the full story here at





Queen Photo Book Out Next Week

200 images of the band, spanning from 1977 through 1986, capture the band “on stage, off stage, on the road and everything in between.”

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