Subway Bread Contains SO Much Sugar That It’s Not Even Legally Bread


Are you a fan of Subway sandwiches, or no way? Some people love them, some people hate them. The recent findings detailed below may change how you feel about the sandwich shop. A story out of London has surfaced saying that Subway bread is not legally “bread,” as it contains too much sugar to be defined as bread. The case was presented in front of the Ireland Supreme Court, and the findings are pretty interesting. Read the full story here!

Lots of people have eaten at a Subway, we would imagine. And lots of the people who have eaten at a Subway have chosen one of the standard Subway sandwiches from the menu. Or, maybe they’ve decided to get creative and build their own unique sandwich. Ever asked for cookies ON your sandwich? How about just olives and mayo, nothing else? Click here to check out a story about the weirdest Subway sandwich orders ever.




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