Virtual Art Gallery: Remembering Pink Floyd’s Album Art

What’s your favorite Pink Floyd album? Is it your favorite due to the music, or the cover art, or both? Back when physical albums were bought more often, the album art was so incredibly important to the overall musical experience of the fan. The cover was looked at, cherished, gazed at, stared at, hung on the walls, talked about, memorized, and ingrained in people’s brains. It was sometimes just as important as the music!

Pink Floyd has always been known for their music and album art, and have some of the most iconic, beautiful, striking, and mind-bending covers in music history. Even non-music fans have probably seen the covers of The Dark Side of the Moon from 1973, The Wall from 1979, orĀ The Division Bell from 1994. Click here to read the article featuring 19 of Pink Floyd’s LP covers and the stories behind them. Let The Bone know which is your favorite and why!



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Gene Simmons to Unveil Art Collection in Las Vegas

The KISS singer-bassist has reached an agreement with the Animazing Gallery — located inside Las Vegas’ Venetian Resort — that will see his original artwork displayed in a two-day exhibit that’s set to open October 14th, Simmons reveals.

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