#MetallicaMondays takes us to the 2013 Soundwave Festival live from Melbourne, Australia

#MetallicaMondays takes us to Melbourne, Australia for a live performance from 2013! This performance includes deep cuts like “Leper Messiah” and “Damage, Inc.” plus the last time “My Friend of Misery” was performed live… so far!

Set list includes:
00:00:00 Lars Intro
00:03:03 Hit the Lights
00:06:56 Master of Puppets
00:15:08 The Four Horsemen
00:20:30 Harvester of Sorrow
00:26:38 Guitar Doodle
00:28:01 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
00:35:11 Leper Messiah
00:41:06 My Friend of Misery
00:50:35 Sad But True
00:56:08 Bass Doodle
00:57:36 Fade to Black
01:05:18 All Nightmare Long
01:13:14 One
01:21:40 For Whom the Bell Tolls
01:26:28 Blackened
01:32:35 Guitar Doodle #2
01:34:40 Nothing Else Matters
01:40:31 Enter Sandman
01:50:26 Creeping Death
01:58:00 Damage, Inc.
02:04:13 Seek & Destroy

During this stream and continuing throughout the week, Metallica will be hosting simultaneous fundraisers benefiting their foundation, All Within My Hands. Fans have already raised an incredible $70,000 through these #MetallicaMondays campaigns! The money raised during these shows helps All Within My Hands continue to support organizations that have become invaluable resources for communities suffering in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.




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