Jimmy Page learns how to power-nap: Steve Gorman’s hilarious story about how he taught Page to nap

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When you transition from rock star to radio host, you’re bound to eventually unearth some truly legendary moments.

Steve Gorman, weeknights 7 p.m.–midnight, sat down with another one of our amazing talent, Chasta, to pick up the shovel and let us in on some of these stories. When the two sat together, Chasta, as a Black Crowes fan, was willing to let a lot of stuff from Gorman’s new tell-all book go. But one thing stood out.

“He actually taught Jimmy Page how to nap before a gig, that is true. That is crazy! They actually napped together, will you share that little tidbit because napping is an intimate moment to share,” Chasta said.

The shoes never came off, Gorman insisted. It was purely platonic.

Gorman has wowed many with his uncanny ability to fall asleep fast and wake up shortly thereafter feeling rested — a skill that was completely foreign to the seasoned guitarist of Led Zeppelin.

“Did he nod off?!” Jimmy exclaimed at seeing a sleeping Steve just hours before a show.

“Great, now Jimmy Page thinks I’m a junkie,” Gorman jokingly lamented.

Though after a couple weeks on tour, everything would change after a fateful soundcheck in LA. Gorman’s superpower had piqued Page’s interest, and he personally came to him for mentorship…on napping.

“I was thinking about trying to take a nap today,” Page said to Gorman as they passed in the hallway backstage. “Well, if you’re going to, I’ve got two sofas in my dressing room.”

Gorman was beside himself and marked it as one of the strangest moments of his life. A sentiment shared with his band mates as he was seen leaving Page’s dressing room.




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