Chasta & Baby Huey Break Down Their 20 For 2020 Lists

Listen to a new episode of The Second Shift with Chasta and Baby Huey.

Chasta and Baby Huey talked about what they did on their respected Holiday vacations. Plus, Chasta and Baby Huey revealed what is on their 20 for 2020 lists.

Watch the Second Shift Live video below.

Here is Chasta’s 20 for 2020 list.

1. 10 year anniversary trip with Jay.
2. Disneyland Paris.
3. Move body every day for 30 minutes min.
4. Catch up on photo books & Cody’s baby book.
5.. Take Cody snowboarding.
6. Secure 5 sponsors for Soundwaves TV.
7. Develop Soundwaves Board of Directors.
8. Monthly massage date with Gianna.
9. Master fake eyelashes.
10. Take Cody to Oogie Boogie Bash.
11. Purge master and guest closets. (Replace carpet in master).
12. Wear more different jewelry.
13. Use all gift cards.
14. Email Cody all his videos.
15. Master Sunday food prep.
16. Continue Cody’s Monthly Adventures
17. Make household “Facts of Life” binder.
18. Get a past life reading.
19. Update all framed pictures in the house.
20. Purge makeup and beauty products.

Here is Baby Huey’s 20 for 2020 list.

1. Lose 50 pounds and/or get under 300 pounds.
2. Build a website to host my airchecks, podcasts, interviews, reviews, etc.
3. Read more, comics, etc.
4. Watch the news more, documentaries, etc.
5. Get a desktop computer.
6. Learn Adobe Premiere and Photoshop.
7. Scan and make digital copies of old photos and videos. Plus, make hard copies of my recent digital/iPhone photos. Put everything in a photo album.
8. Organize files on my external hard drive.
9. Every three months travel, road trip to a city outside of the Bay Area. Including WrestleMania and other wrestling events.
10. Do more band interviews, edit and upload old ones from the archives.
11. Pay off credit card.
12. Save and build up my savings account.
13. Spend more time with family and friends.
14. Create and type up detailed family tree.
15. Do more movie reviews, TV reviews, concert reviews, personal pieces in podcast form.
16. Find my brother a job.
17. Get a Girlfriend.
18. Learn and improve streaming video for 107.7 The Bone, Lamont and Tonelli, The Second Shift and In The Kliq.
19. Improve and grow my social media accounts and influence. Maybe incorporate a video bloq.
20. Create alternative sources of income.

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