The Roundtable Bottle Share You’ve Been Waiting For

Welcome to BONE-A-Fide Brews’ Twos! In a special edition of BONE-A-Fide Brews, we start a new series where episodes will feature a round table discussion with friends and colleagues of the beer industry where we not only do we discuss and answer two questions pertaining to the beer industry, but also introduce and taste two beers. Almost like a bottle share and roundtable combined!

To start this episode off right, let me introduce our two guests: Anthony Lopez from Magnolia Brewing, and beer connoisseur Justin Zakzewski. Before accumulating five years of large scale production working for the popular San Francisco brewery, Anthony (or A-Lo) sought a career as a licensed lawyer. Justin offers an extensive knowledge of beer with most notably assisting in opening the Mission Districts own Beer Nerds and was also a buyer for City Beer Store. Take a listen as we address what styles have gone underrated, and if International Bittering Units (IBU’s) still hold merit.

A big thank you to Taplands in Santa Clara for providing the tasting for this special Two’s episode: Dean the Machine (6.8% ABV), a New England Style IPA from Moonraker; and a phenomenal West Coast IPA that’s a collaboration between Alvarado Street Brewing and Burial Beer Co. called Juice Fatigue (7% ABV).

If you have any questions you’d like to have answered or discussed in a future BONE-A-Fide Brews’ Twos episode, email me at

Enjoy the episode, and cheers \m/,
Joe Hawk




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