Soundwaves TV #24 with The Happys and Woodstock 50

Woodstock 50 … to be or not be be? Why is there such little buzz around the half-century anniversary of the mother of all music festivals? Chasta, Dennis Willis and Steven Kirk share their thoughts about festivals, and why the Woodstock name may come with some baggage.

Novato-based grunge-surf rockers The Happys join Chasta in the studio with one heck of an origin story that has to do with a fateful run-in with a parole officer.

Chasta chats with KFOG’s Arthur Ballesteros about his improbable radio career, his latest projects, and eating while drunk.

Finally, if you pay to see our favorite classic band live, does it matter if a few original members are missing? What if there’s a new singer? The gang takes this weighty subject on with some surprising admissions!

Plus music videos from San Jose artist Levi J., Wargirl, Necklace, The New Up, Naytronix, and a video premiere from The Soft White Sixties!

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Watch Soundwaves TV #69 – Retro Junkies

Bay Area music legend Fee Waybill of The Tubes stops by (virtually) to discuss his five decades in the business and cool new solo album. Chasta, Dennis Willis, Steven Kirk and Morris Knight ask why there’s no school like the old school, and Chasta welcomes Enrique from the Walnut Creek venue Retro Junkie, to talk…

Greta Van Fleet Give Legendary Performance at Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheater

Frontman Josh Kiszka’s voice thrusts listeners into a time machine, nostalgia surging over you in the form of crunchy guitar riffs and vocal arpeggiations that oscillate from silky smooth lulls to rockin’ panther growls. Backed by brothers Jake Kiszka on guitar, Sam Kiszka on the bass, and friend Danny Wagner on the drums, the anachronistic quartet has started to garner deserved attention in the last three years.

Springsteen Says Deluge of Unreleased Music on the Way

In the interview Springsteen covered a lot of topics but the most exciting by far is the myriad of songs he has in a vault just waiting to be enjoyed by fans. On the list of work-in-progress projects includes full-length albums of said unreleased tracks, “lost albums” as he calls them.

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