Comedian Dan Soder talks wrestling, ‘white-girl karate’, and being life-long Niners fan

Comedian extraordinaire Dan Soder joined Baby Huey and Chasta on the couch to talk about everything from wrestling to “white-girl karate.”

After Soder exhausted himself by plugging every tv show, podcast, and online account of his under the sun Dan had a serious message: “[Delta Airlines] have more honesty with the customer services.” Soder recounted how he was stuck in a blizzard after being misinformed by the airlines. Chasta recommended he should take up some “white-girl karate.”

Wax on: “Can I speak to your manager?”

Wax off: “The bill is not correct!”

Wax on: “I demand a refund!”

Baby Huey then probed Dan about his hate for the man-bun. It didn’t seem to bother him anymore but he did call it the, “I’m going to steal your girlfriend look.” Jason Momoa is the biggest offender in his eyes and said it was his worst nightmare to have his girlfriend work with Momoa. Soder’s biggest advice is if you don’t look like Jason make sure to be rich. “If you’re broke, get core strength,” Soder said.

Soder is also a die-hard San Francisco 49ers fan. He said he got it from his dad who is from the East-Bay so he grew up in a family full of Niners fans. He remembers watching intently as a kid at his dad’s house in the 80’s and even remembers the day that Joe Montana was traded to the chiefs. Despite how saddened he was by the trade the Chiefs soon became his second favorite team, a move he remembers his family wasn’t very happy about.

In regards to the current quarterback of the Niners, Soder is a huge fan of Jimmy Garoppolo. After finding out he went on a date with a porn star he yelled elated, “he just keeps getting better!” Chasta was not so forgiving though Dan shrugged it off as her southernness showing. He chalked it up as training for Garoppolo’s future wife.

Baby Huey held out as long as he could before bringing up his favorite topic: wrestling. Turns out Dan Soder is almost as big of a wrestling fan as Baby Huey himself. After a quick spout of nerding out Soder sought to explain the “homoerotic nature” of wrestling.

“I mean it is a little gay, but a lot of stuff is a little gay and I enjoy it,” Soder said. “It’s like yea, I can like Les Misérables and, I don’t know, how gay is it to get suplexed through a table off a ladder. If you’re a guy and you’re like ‘that’s gay’ then whoa you have some insecurities.”

Soder then converted Chasta to a wrestling fan, a long term goal of Baby Huey, as he explained it as escapism. It’s his favorite way to forget all about the problems of the world and to just turn off his brain.


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