Freewheel Brewing Company sets out to blend new style with old traditional taste!

Greetings, Boneheads! My name is Joe Hawk and welcome to the first episode of BONE-A-Fide Brews, a podcast where we talk about…well, beer! It’s crazy to see how craft beer has evolved into this Renaissance period where breweries are now hometown staples throughout the Bay Area, popping up literally down the street. You could literally live down the street from one, and never even know they exist. Insert BONE-A-Fide Brews where we’ll get right down to business and start talking about all these amazing places.

Seeing that this is the first episode, it’s only fitting that I start with a brewery that’s not only in my hometown of Redwood City but introduced me to the entire craft beer industry, and currently work at, Freewheel Brewing Company. Nestled within the Marsh Manor Shopping Center on the border of Menlo Park, you’ll find Freewheel Brewing Company, a brewery founded in 2012 by four friends set on a mission to blend new brewing styles with old traditional taste.

Cask conditioned ales are very much a new thing when it comes to the craft beer scene here in Bay Area but what you might know is that it was the original way beer was both brewed and packaged before the invention of the CO2 forced carbonated kegs. Smoother and lighter in taste than most beers, cask ales bring a more balanced and easier drink…and not just because it has a noticeably lower alcohol percentage! Fear not, Freewheel Brewing Company offers a wide selection of many popular American keg style brews, like those heavy and Hoppy IPAs that dominate the West Coast, with that style embody their signature English twist.

Shout out to General Manager Devin Roberts and current Head Brewer Orion Lakota who took the time out to chat.

Grab a beer and take a listen to the history behind and where the road is taking this true pub too!
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