The Longshot Live at The Ivy Room in Albany 04-20-18

Last week Billie Joe Armstrong’s new side project band The Longshot played their first three live shows ever and they happened to all be in the Bay Area. Luckily for me, I was three for three on attending all of the shows. After their initial debut at 1-2-3-4 Go! Records in Oakland where the mystery band finally revealed themselves to the entire world. Along with Billie Joe Armstrong on vocals and guitar, I recognize the other three members, Jeff Matika on bass, who has been a member of Green Day’s touring band. Plus, Kevin Tyler Preston on guitar and David Field on drums, both are members of Prima Donna. Kevin is also a guitarist in Foxboro Hot Tubs, another Green Day side project band. The Longshot’s second show was at Thee Parkside in San Francisco where they played a longer set, giving us fans an idea of what their headline shows would look like. Last but not least was their third show at The Ivy Room in Albany.

Last Friday night, The Ivy Room had already a show booked there with the following bands: The Keeners, Dead Sound and TV Heads but a couple days before this show, The Longshot announced they were added to the bill.

After another long Friday for me at work, I went home to nap because I knew I needed all the energy I can get for another fun night out with Billie Joe Armstrong and the rest of his band. I love The Ivy Room, located in downtown Albany. When I walked in I was immediately welcomed by Billie Joe’s brothers who I have became great friends with over the years. The room was packed but plenty of wiggle room to walk around. I saw more members of the Armstrong family as well as close family and friends of Green Day. I also saw plenty of hardcore Green Day who I have recognize from other shows over the years. I love the vibe of The Ivy Room, from the neon lights outside, to the friendly staff, along with the decor, etc. I knew the night was going to be fun, while Thee Parkside show seemed to be filled with die hard Green Day fans, this show was catered to mostly family and friends. Plus, I have to thank the new staff at The Ivy Room for starting to book music shows again, it’s awesome seeing another kick ass music venue in the East Bay.

By this point, I felt like a veteran when it comes to seeing The Longshot live. I anticipated what songs I was looking forward to and when they might occur during the setlist. Compared to their show at Thee Parkside, their setlists were very similar a few songs were switch around in the order along with their covers moved around as well.

I started out standing in the back but quickly made my way up to the middle of the room and found a spot next to one of the pillars to lean up against. For me, since I have seen the band twice already, I took advantage of this night to just stand there and enjoy the show. Despite withdrawals, I tried to keep my use of my cell phone to a minimum, lol. It’s not too often Billie Joe Armstrong plays small, intimate shows, so I wanted to soak everything from this performance in. Even though I love listening to The Longshot’s new album “Love Is For Losers” these songs sound great live as well. The band started out with Kill Your Friends followed by a couple more songs but out of nowhere Billie Joe said can we start the show over again and they played Kill Your Friends for a second time then jumped back into their setlist. I enjoy seeing all the members facial reactions and can tell they are just out to have fun. Kevin was constantly smiling at the crowd, jumping up and down and even did a sick arm windmill on his guitar just like Pete Townshend. At one point Billie Joe said The Ivy Room is his favorite club to play at in the Bay Area, which going back to my comments earlier about the venue, I can see why. The Longshot played a twenty song setlist and I once again left with another huge smile on my face. Between seeing The Longshot three times last week and seeing The Coverups twice earlier in the year, I can’t believe I have seen Billie Joe Armstrong live five times this year thus far, that’s more than the last couple years combined.

I can’t wait to see what’s next from The Longshot. The band is going out on tour next month and will be back in San Francisco at The Rickshaw Stop on Wednesday, May 9th. Once again, thank you again to the awesome staff at The Ivy Room for booking such incredible shows over the last few months. Between seeing The Coverups and The Longshot, I can’t wait for the next rock show I can see at my new favorite spot in Albany. Thank you to The Longshot for another fun night out.

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Click here to check out The Longshot on iTunes.

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Here is The Longshot’s setlist:

1. Kill Your Friends
2. Devil’s Kind
3. Taxi Driver
4. Body Bag
5. Rockaway Beach (Ramones Cover)
6. Cult Hero
7. Kill Your Friends
8. Fell For You (Green Day Cover)
9. Walking Out On Love (The Nerves Cover)
10. Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie Cover)
11. Love Is For Losers
12. The Last Time
13. Stay The Night (Green Day Cover)
14. I Fought The Law (The Crickets/The Clash Cover)
15. Wild One (Green Day cover)
16. Happiness
17. Kiss Me Deadly (Generation X Cover)
18. Turn Me Loose
19. Chasing A Ghost
20. Goodbye To Romance (Ozzy Osbourne Cover)

Here are some photos Baby Huey took from The Longshot’s set:

Here are some videos Baby Huey filmed from The Longshot’s set.

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