Baby Huey and Bimbo Jimbo interview John Morrison about Boone the Bounty Hunter

Baby Huey and Bimbo Jimbo (aka James Kincaid) interview John Morrison, pro wrestler and star of the movie Boone the Bounty Hunter before a screening in the Bone’s very own Levi’s Lounge. The pro wrestler and actor talks everything from his early wrestling days to the creation and completion of Boone the Bounty Hunter.

The film stars Boone (John Morrison) a famous bounty hunter who’s television show gets cancelled, in an attempt to regain his former glory and get his show back on air Boone attempts to bring down a drug lord but gets more than he bargained for. John had this to say about the making of the film:

“It took about two years to come up with the script,” said Morrison. “After I came up with that script I realized that the movie was a $10 million action movie, and that probably wasn’t going to happen…We rewrote the script another 15 times or so until it finally got cheap enough for me to be able afford with the money I made from selling my house.”

Make sure to catch John Morrison at the Bay Area Bash July 7 in Daily City. You can find tickets here.




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