Home of the 49ers

NFCW Team Wins Losses Streak Next Opponent
1 Arizona Cardinals 0 0 vs Washington
2   Los Angeles Rams 0 0 at Oakland
3   San Francisco 49ers 0 0 at Minnesota
4 Seattle Seahawks 0 0 at Denver
James Garoppolo 2

Ranking the most important 49ers in 2018

49ers training camp officially begins Thursday, marking the start of a six-month-plus marathon that spans the NFL season. Starting from two weeks out, KNBR counted down the days to training camp by highlighting San Francisco’s most important players for each day preceding camp.



neXt2rock 2018

We’re searching for America’s neXt great rock band! It starts with a dream and ends with a national recording contract and radio airplay. Sign up and get discovered today!


In The Kliq: Premiere

Listen to the first episode of Baby Huey and Bimbo Jimbo’s new wrestling show “In The Kliq” featuring their preview and predictions for SummerSlam weekend 2018.

David Koechner talks possibility of Anchorman 3

It’s not often you get to sit down with Champ and ask him about the legendary back alley fight with rival news stations. However, when you do, you make sure to ask him when the next Anchorman is coming out.