Slipknot or Not: Baby Huey Quizzes Aftershock

At Aftershock 2019 we asked the age old question: Slipknot or Not?

In honor of the mega-band Slipknot’s headlining spot in this year’s Aftershock festival we decided to test the knowledge of the fans.

We wanted to know if festival goers knew what these masked marauders looked like underneath their veils and tried to throw in a couple curveballs.

Can you identify which ones are members of Slipknot?







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On a new episode of The Second Shift, Chasta and Baby Huey talked about their favorite Christmas traditions, inclduing what they like to do to get into the Christmas spirit, favorite Holiday movies to watch, decorations and what Christmas theme locations in the Bay Area they like to visit during the month of December.