Foo Fighters Suprise Fans By Releasing A Live EP Featuring Rare Songs

A few days ago the Foo Fighters surprised their fans by releasing a three song live EP called “00950025.”

Foo Fighters teased their fans via their socials to say: “A good day to take a look in the Foo Files. How about a few elusive live tracks?” The live tracks are from the band’s early days in the 90s.

The songs “Wattershed” and “For All the Cows” go all the way back to the Foo Fighters’ self-titled 1994 debut. The live versions to both songs are from the Foo Fighters’ 1995 Live at Reading Festival performance in London. The third song on 00950025, “Next Year,” was the last single from the band’s 1999 album, There Is Nothing Left to Lose. Fans might remember the song being used as one of the theme songs to NBC’s Ed. The live version of “Next Year” comes from the Foo Fighters’ performance Live at the Chapel in Melbourne, Australia back in February of 2000.

Listen to all three live songs below. You can also download or stream the 00950025 EP by clicking here.

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