Sammy Hagar Says He Does Not Want A Van Halen Reunion

Photos by Marc Fong/Dirty 30.

Over the years, it has been well documented the on again and off again relationship between Sammy Hagar and his former Van Halen bandmates. As it currently stands, Sammy Hagar says he has moved on and not interested in reuniting with Van Halen.

Remember a few years back when Sammy Hagar tweeted at Eddie Van Halen? I think a lot of fans were hoping that was the beginning stages of the two reconnecting again and maybe lead to a reunion. However, Sammy Hagar has said the motivation behind his tweets were more of a personal nature. Jumping ahead to earlier this year former Van Halen bassist, Michael Anthony revealed that he was asked to rejoin the band for a tour before those plans were dissolved.

Sammy Hagar recently did an interview with Classic Rock and said “I’m afraid if I ever reached out and really tried to contact Ed and Al, they would think that I was trying to get back in the band or I was trying to do a reunion, and I’m not.”

Sammy also mentioned, “I am so content with The Circle – we play the Van Halen songs that I wrote with Ed as good as anybody, but I’m happy to have just five or six Van Halen songs in my set. It’s almost like I don’t want to be asked to do because I’d feel like I had to do it, but I don’t really want to. I’m sorry I don’t.”

As of now looks like a Van Hagar reunion is dead in the water.

Sammy Hagar & The Circle’s new album “Space Between” is out now.

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