Man Bruises Taint From Moped Accident Causing A Nine Day Erection

A man’s moped accident caused him much more trouble than anyone could have imagined. According to his Doctors, a bruise on his taint left him with a nine day-long boner, which led to a trip to the emergency room to fix it. The strange event was described by the UK doctors who treated the man, in a case study published last month in the journal “Case Reports in Urology.” Once at the ER, the man was classified as having a Grade IV erection, the highest tally on the Erection Hardness Score, yes, this is a real score. Luckily, since his case was caused by an injury, instead of ED drugs, the doctors had an easier time relieving the swelling. But it did take almost a year for his unit to have completely normal function. All caused by a moped accident.

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