Watch Metallica “The God That Failed” from Madrid

Metallica has played over 160 shows since beginning their “WorldWide” tour in 2016. On September 6, 2019, the band will be joined by the San Francisco Symphony for the very first concert to be performed in the new Chase Center.

[Lamont & Tonelli with James & Lars at Chase Center Reveal Week Press Conference]

But the bay area is never too far away. According to Lars Ulrich, “We have a two-week rule, so that after two weeks we come home and see our families and kids and get a sense of San Francisco.”

Watch Metallica perform “The God That Failed” from their recent concert in Madrid…




Soundwaves TV #38 – Radio Active

This episode is aptly named: it’s shot at a radio station and it’s action packed with a ton of great videos! Chasta spins the entire show from her studio at 107.7 The Bone, and then welcomes Dennis Willis to announce the world’s first Soundwaves-branded beer! And when nobody’s looking, Dennis sneaks across the hall into…