Former Kiss Guitarist Ace Frehley Slams Gene Simmons in Angry Facebook Post

The gloves are off! Ace Frehley, the original guitarist of Kiss, posted a lengthy message on his Facebook page, directly calling out his former bandmate, Gene Simmons. Among the many statements made, Frehley says that Simmons tried to ruin his solo career many times and accused him of groping his wife. Through this statement, it can be assumed that the relationship between the pair has been rocky for decades since Frehley’s departure from Kiss.

Frehley’s post comes in response to an interview Simmons, who is still an active member of Kiss, did with Guitar World Magazine. In this interview, Simmons stated, “You can’t be in a car with two flat tires. It’s not going to go anywhere. It’s your responsibility to change the f*cking tires so that the whole car doesn’t stop. It’s nothing personal. So the short answer is we’d love to have Ace and Peter join us here and there. And if they don’t, it’s not going to be because of us. But they’re never going to be in Kiss again.” Simmons also aggressively suggested that Frehley was unreliable and that they could not count on him if he were to rejoin the band.

Simmons attributed Frehley’s unprofessionalism to alcohol to which Frehley defended his sobriety, “Your slanderous remarks about my bad habits over the years has cost me millions of dollars and now that I’m over 12-years sober you’re still saying I can’t be trusted to play a whole nights show!” The biggest turn in the post comes when Frehley describes a situation of sexual misconduct between Simmons and his wife.

Frehley left the band in December of 1982 when Kiss began their “Creatures of the Night Tour”. Frehley was replaced by Vinnie Vincent. However, he wasted no time getting his solo career up and running by 1984. Over the years, Frehley has done collaborations with Simmons and Kiss. His most recent studio album, Spaceman, was released in April 2018, which has Simmons as a guest feature. Frehley still performs with The Ace Frehley Band.

Kiss announced their farewell tour called “The End of the Road Tour” in October 2018. Rounding up the article, Frehley exclaimed, “Well now the gloves are off after your terrible comments today and I’m thinking that this really may be “The End Of The Road Tour” for you guys!!!”

Read Frehley’s full post below: